You just bought a guitar and you’re so excited? You play every day, several times a day, and boom! It suddenly starts playing differently.It stops resonating well. The strings now need more pressure to fret. And it’s making you fret. Don’t you worry, buddy. Bass guitars are instruments too. They need setup and fixing from time to time. Guitar repair it is called. And you know what? You needn’t get frustrated because you can do it too. Read along to know how.



The strings are to the bass like the engine is to the car. The bass just ceases to be a bass without the strings. Same as when there are strings, but they are rusty old, and all worn out. Remove those strings. They won’t resonate well. They’ve got no reason to, really. They are old!



Next, set to cleaning your guitar. Those string are off the way now. Get some guitar cleaner, lemon oil, a piece of soft cloth, an old toothbrush and some cotton swabs for places you can’t have easy access to. A rusty and moldy guitar would lead to collapse of the bridge and the neck of the guitar, and with these, no amount of setup would make the guitar work well. Cleaning up is very important.

The toothbrush is used to scrub behind the frets and the cotton swabs for the bridge. Lastly, pour some lemon oil on the fret board, allow to soak for 10 minutes and clean up using the cloth. Your new strings are ready to be fixed. Yay! More details.



A tuner is used to intonate the bass and the best is the chromatic. It reads the intonations more efficiently. Start with your open E and tune it perfectly. Next, fret the twelfth fret of your E. The note should be an E, and it should be perfectly in tune. This is very important. Check your string’s saddle and see if it requires a screw driver or Allen wrench. It could have come with the guitar kits too. Tighten the twelfth fret E was flat and loosen a bit if it was sharp. As every adjustment either adds or reduces the tension in the strings and consequently their tunings, for every adjustment of the twelfth fret of your E, retune your open E.Be patient. Once this is completed, repeat the same process for the other strings. It is fun, trust me!


Hold your bass 45 degrees from you to do this. There is a truss rod that is found just behind the nut, behind the strings. Loosen the truss rod if you notice a dip and tighten it if you notice an arch. Determine the level of the neck. If it is not level, do that by either tightening or loosening the truss rod a quarter of a turn at a time.


Tada! This is all you need to setup your bass guitar. Gone are the days of the frustration. Follow the steps above and your guitar setup would be complete leaving your bass new once more and you will enjoy playing it for quite some time. You have gotten the best guitar under 1000 minutes! Learn more details at:

Best Vehicles for Touring Bands

When four or five members of a band pile into a vehicle for a road tour, space becomes a premium. And, while it may be a bonding experience like no other for the band members, choosing the right vehicle for the tour can make all the difference between a smooth ride and a bumpy road ahead. Here are just a few vehicle types that might work best for the touring band. You can read more about specific makes and models of these vehicles online at

 The conversion van is a pretty rock and roll vehicle with plenty of room to breath for band members. Most models are designed for comfort on the road with amenities like sleeping accommodations, cooking abilities, entertainment features and more. It’s probably an ideal vehicle choice for a small, touring band with a limited transportation budget. The minivan might be an even cheaper alternative to the conversion van. Space will still be a big plus, though most minivans don’t come preloaded with the conveniences of a conversion van.

 Sport utility vehicles, depending on the make and model, can deliver on space and comfort in a big way. Large models like the Chevrolet Tahoe can comfortably fit five to seven passengers with a third row. This seating configuration takes up all storage space, so the band will have to tow some kind of trailer behind to handle luggage, gear and equipment. The Honda Element is a small SUV that offers a whole lot of storage. It could be an option for short runs out of town to play gigs.

 Until your band makes it big time with its own fleet of tour busses or airplanes, hitting the open road, crammed into a car, is probably reality. That much close proximity between band members can be a challenge. But, putting a little thought into the touring vehicle you choose can mean the difference between war and peace on the road.

Choosing Music Production Equipment in Three Simple Steps

Who wouldn’t want to become a music producer and get the very best music production equipment? Music producers really are popular people but it’s not always breaking into this field as there are lots of talented individuals out there already within this field. However, it can help if you have some musical abilities and a fresh new sound that gets you noticed. With the right music production equipment you have the ability to create some great sounds and it’s a lot easier to choose new equipment too.

Where Will The Equipment Be Used?

First of all, are you using the equipment in a dedicated studio somewhere or will this be transported back and forth? Sometimes if you have to keep on moving the equipment you need something which is easy to transport and preferably lighter in weight. Of course, if the equipment is for exclusive use in a studio then it will make a difference as to which you choose. You need to think about where you are going to be using the equipment so that you can make an appropriate choice over what you need. If you want the best laptop for music production you have to ensure it’s a suitable option for your music.

What’s Your Budget?

Next, you need to consider how much you are willing to spend on the equipment. Are you happy to spend a few hundred, a few thousand or considerably more? These things will matter when it comes time to buy so you have to have some understanding of where your limits are. When you have a budget it makes life far easier to buy music production equipment. Of course, if you have a limited budget you need to be more frugal and find the best bargains. It will make a real difference later on.

Is It Quality Equipment?

If you buy something which is not good quality and doesn’t last more than a few weeks that’s money badly spent. You really need to ensure the equipment you’re buying is the best for what you pay. You want the best laptop for music production but you also want a laptop that is going to last a long time otherwise it’s not a wise investment. You have to think about these things before you go out and buy any equipment. Always look at the quality side of things and see if it meets your expectations.

Buy the Right Equipment

Music producing is a tough business and certainly one that requires a lot of dedication and hard work. If you are not prepared to put in the hours you can’t complain when you fail to hit top spot. However, with the right music production equipment you will find it becomes a lot easier to reach the heights you want to. That is why there are so many who are now choosing to invest wisely in equipment. Music production equipment needs to be reliable and ensure you find it easy to do the things you need to with it also.

Roadies: The Unsung Heroes of the Music World

Roadies, or road crew personnel are the unsung backbone of the music industry. When a band goes on tour, they travel as support crew and are responsible for everything from driving the tour bus, setting up the stage, loading and unloading all the instruments and other stage props to doing the actual rigging. Many times, during the concert, they take on the chore of merchandise manager and sell tee shirts and other memorabilia, or their own line of goods and trinkets. Some have even developed and marketed improvements to music production equipment or used innovations in technology for computers to write and record music of their own. In fact, not all roadies are unsung: The members of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young remembered their friend who died of an overdose by mentioning him in the lyrics of Tonight’s the Night, the title track of their album. Neal Young wrote:

Bruce Berry was a working man
He used to load that Econoline van…

One of the drawbacks of being a roadie is the amount of time spent away from the family. One musical professional who found himself on the road a lot found he could keep in touch with his teenaged daughter by sending her a subscription to Birchbox. He even found a coupon code on Groupon that saved 50% off his first box. Now when he’s on the road, he gets a text of the box from her when it arrives. It’s a special treat they share. She’s eager to tell him what’s in the box, and it gives them something to talk about beyond the usual “what did you do in school today?” routine. She loves the variety of the items she receives every month. When she finds products she likes, she buys the full size and continues to use them.

And they have found a use for the items she doesn’t like – they donate them to shelters in the many towns her father visits on the road. Their bond has been strengthened and she is learning what it means to give to others unselfishly by following her father’s example. Who knows, maybe one day the band he works for will immortalize him with words about his love for his little girl. Birchbox would make a great title.

How to Choose the Right Guitar: Electric or Acoustic?


Acoustic guitar or electric guitar kits – which is the greatest acoustic guitar to learn on? Here is a guide to help.

A few of these even back their brain before you have even found a guitar. One such point is the question of which is the best guitar to learn on – acoustic or electric?

To help clarify, here is a mini guide to each best guitar under 1000, and why you might want to figure out how to play it.

Reason to Buy the Acoustic Guitar’s

  • It is well suited for participating in melodies and chords.
  • The narrow throat makes participating in scales and chords not too difficult.
  • The close string spacing makes playing scales or chords with a get relatively quick, easy because the moves and stretches are smaller.
  • The acoustic sound production eliminates the need for amplifiers and electronics.
  • It iseasily, lightweight.
  • They have relatively low

Disadvantages acoustic guitar kits

  • The close string spacing helps it be more difficult to learn
  • The narrow throat makes participating in counterpoint more difficult.
  • The low quantity makes the device difficult to use in a music group or other ensemble situations without added amplification.
  • The steel strings hold high tension, twice, which of the classic electric guitar, and is higher from the fretboard than electric, making it is kept hand setup the most challenging of most 3 types to play.
  • The thick body can cause anxiety or stress on the right shoulder.
  • Your guitar can be difficult to put well.

The electric guitar’s advantages and disadvantages


  • The narrow throat makes playing scales and chords relatively easy.
  • The close string spacing makes participating in scales or chords with going with fairly quick, easy because the activities and exercises are smaller.
  • The amplified electric sound production makes it very well suited for using other loud tools, and bands,
  • The thin person is easiest on the right shoulder, see more characteristics:


  • The close string spacing helps it be more difficult that can be played
  • The narrow throat makes participating in counterpoint more difficult.
  • The guitar is heavy and can cause pressure on the players back and throat and shoulders.
  • Your guitar can be difficult to put well.
  • It needs amplification to be told, making the instrument less portable.

The Next Phase in Choosing an Electric Guitar.

Once you have decided upon either the acoustic, classical or electric guitar as the best option for you, please browse the pursuing articles to help you select the best guitar for you.

Lastly, the guitar kits you select will likewise have a big impact on which electric guitar you should get. Some electric guitar programs teach based on the electric guitar lessons, plus some to teach based on the classical guitar lessons. Most “how to learn to play the guitar for beginners” programs show you how to use both, but you do not want to get stuck with the incorrect guitar kits.




Guitar repairs that you shouldn’t attempt yourself

 Do you think that you can fix any guitar repairs? You might be one of those people that are repairing and fixing everything in your home. You might even feel tempted to fix some repairs on your guitar. But, beware, there are some guitar repairs that you should not attempt yourself. Not ever. Here are a list of repairs on your guitar that you should not try doing yourself at home:

Fixing cracks

You should never repair cracks on your guitar ever. Even if you have bought the guitar kit and made the guitar yourself. The one thing that you can’t fix yourself is a crack in the guitar. Any cracks in the guitar can make the guitar sound differently and incorrectly.

And, if you are repairing it yourself, you can also make the guitar sound differently. However, then you can’t get it fixed, because you messed it all up. Check this site :

Repairing pickup failure

One of the guitar repairs that you should only do by someone that has experience, is to repair pickup failure. This is something that you should not ever try to fix yourself.

It doesn’t matter if you have to repair a guitar before. A pickup failure can be devastating if you aren’t careful. Rather pay the money and getting it fixed by a professional that knows what they are doing.

Guitar neck distortion

Guitar neck distortion is something that can happen more than what you realize. And, when it does happen, the last thing that you should consider is to fix it yourself. You might have bought the guitar kit and might have built the guitar yourself, but this doesn’t mean that you can repair the distortion without damaging it even more. Check here !

The moment that you see your guitar has a neck distortion; you should get it fixed before it breaks off completely. This is possible, depending on the reason why it is distorted in the first place. Paying for repairs is much cheaper than buying a completely new guitar.

Rewiring the guitar

There are a few people that can do the rewiring of the guitar by themselves, especially, those that is purchasing guitar kits and building it from scratch.

But, this doesn’t mean that you should do this yourself, if you don’t have the necessary equipment and experience to do this correctly. You should make sure that you are going to consider letting someone else do it for you, or you should go for classes of rewiring a guitar before you can take on this task.

So many people are trying to fix everything themselves, when they have something that is broken. However, there are some things on the guitar, that you should not repair yourself. Except if you have the necessary knowledge and experience. These are some of the things that you should rather not repair yourself, or even try to repair yourself. Spend the money and make sure that your guitar is repaired correctly. You don’t want to damage your guitar that you have made from a guitar kit. Visit this site :

Clean Your Guitar to Prevent Unneeded Guitar Repairs

When a guitar repair is needed, it can turn out to be a real nightmare. You not only have to go without your guitar for several days but it could potentially cost hundreds to fix. It certainly isn’t money you want to lose but unfortunately it happens. However, if you don’t take care of your guitar then all these issues can present themselves so it’s necessary to find a way to keep the guitar from needing repairs every few minutes. With proper cleaning you can actually find a simpler way to avoid unnecessary repairs. Read on to find out more.

How To Clean Your Guitar?

Most people think in order to clean their guitar, they have to look at guitar setup again but that isn’t the case. It’s quite easy to keep the guitar clean and to clean it also. First things first, if you have a gloss finish to the front of the guitar then you need to use a cleaning spray or gel to keep this free from dirt and debris. You can use this once a week or once every two weeks if you feel comfortable; use a clean cloth and wipe over the surface. This should only take a few minutes at best, if you want to be more thorough, you may want to take slightly longer.

Clean Your Guitar to Prevent Unneeded Guitar Repairs

Is It Necessary To Clean Regularly?

Let’s say you didn’t take good care of your guitar and didn’t clean it often or indeed at all, you would find there are more repairs necessary. Regular cleaning helps to prevent grease, dirt and grime from clogging up the vital features of a guitar and that will ultimately make it last longer. Keeping the guitar in the best possible condition is crucial and not too difficult to do either. Cleaning the guitar once or twice a week can be a great idea and this will help to keep problems away too. Once you’ve gone through the guitar setup process you don’t want to do it all again and you don’t need to. Simple cleaning once or twice a week should be enough and it’ll keep away repairs too.

Why You Must Take Good Care Of Your Guitar?

Cleaning a guitar might seem a little boring but it is indeed necessary. If you don’t clean or take good care of your guitar then you will face a lot of problems. You’ll have more guitar repair steps to take and this will end up costing too much. However, regular care and cleaning is going to help prevent problems from appearing and you must think about that. Make life easier for you by taking good care of your guitar, it’s very easy to do.

Regular Maintenance Will Make All the Difference

There aren’t very many people who enjoy cleaning and yet when it comes to keeping your guitar in the best shape possible, it’s necessary. Avoiding unneeded and unnecessary guitar repairs can be very simple as long as you clean the guitar properly and effectively. This will allow you to avoid many repairs and keep the guitar in top condition too. Guitar repair can be avoided with proper cleaning. For more information you can visit this link

Guitar Repair School – Money Saving Tips to Keep Your Axe Sounding Great

Guitar kits can be very expensive and for most, they really don’t want to spend any more in order to keep their instruments in tip-top condition. Unfortunately there are going to be times when you need to make some improvements or upgrades in order to keep the guitar sounding great. This isn’t as difficult or as costly as you might think. There is plenty of money saving steps you can take to keep your guitar sounding great. Read on and find a few simple tips on making your guitar sound great.

Look At Replacing Regular Cleaning

Good maintenance will be the difference between keeping your guitar in top condition and having to replace it every few years. Guitars can in fact last a lifetime and while you will eventually run into some repairs, they shouldn’t cost you a fortune. With proper care you can reduce the amount of potential repairs you’ll run into. Guitar repair can be very cost-effective and in all honesty, with proper cleaning and regular maintenance it should keep costs low. You might not think that’s the case but it’s true and that’s why you must always look at regular cleaning and of course, it will help your sound great too.

Guitar Repair School – Money Saving Tips to Keep Your Axe Sounding Great

Ensure When Wires Fray Between Your Amp and Guitar to Replace Immediately

Connecting your guitar and amp up is a very simple task but sometimes the wires can wear away. However, for most they don’t think about replacing this wire but rather tapping it up. Unfortunately this isn’t going to solve the problem; it’s only going to make matters worse. That is why when you notice any fraying wires to get them replaced as quickly as humanly possible. Also, check on all fuses in the amp from time to time to make sure everything is working as it should. Modern guitar kits and amps can often have one or two minor issues from occasion so it’s best to look at the amps and their wiring.

Professional Guitar Repair Doesn’t Have To Cost a Lot When You Shop Around

Another important tip to remember is that you cannot simply choose just any repair professional. There are many great professional guitar repair services to choose from and they can charge a range of prices for what needs done. You can find more information here will look at charging a hundred dollars for a minor repair and others will charge little. It depends on the type of guitar you have and where you choose to shop also. Be wary however and ensure you aren’t paying more than necessary.

You Don’t Have To Spend Big To Keep Your Guitar Looking and Sounding Great

For most, they believe repairing a guitar is difficult work and that it’s very costly too. you can also find guitar repair school information here. However while that was the case a few years ago, today, it’s a very different matter. You can keep your guitar sounding great without breaking the bank to make basic improvements or repairs. Modern guitar kits don’t have to cost a lot of money to repair so don’t panic too much!

Vintage Acoustic Guitar Repair and Restoration

Modern guitar kits are very different from vintage ones. However, vintage guitars are utterly amazing and so gorgeous. The craftsmanship that has gone into creating the guitars from forty or fifty years ago was just fantastic and very unlike today. Vintage is making a big comeback and it’s necessary to get them restored or repaired carefully. Read on and find out a little more about restoration and repairs with vintage models.

You Have to Know What You’re Doing before Attempting to Make Any Repairs or Restore a Vintage Guitar

Before you even attempt to touch a vintage guitar, you have to think long and hard about this. Do you really know what you’re doing? Have you had any experience restoring instruments before? Do you understand what’s involved with repair work? If you can’t answer these or the answers are no then you know you aren’t the best person for the job at this moment in time. You can have the best guitar kits but that doesn’t mean to say you’re a great guitarist! It’s the same with restoring; you really need to know what you’re doing so that you don’t make a real mess. This will involve a lot of education and practice before handling a vintage guitar.

Vintage Acoustic Guitar Repair and Restoration

Professional Musical Instrument Restorers Are Great

If you’re a dab hand at repairs and have experience restoring instruments such as guitars then you may find restoring a vintage guitar to be pretty easy. However, while that would be an ideal solution, not every restorer knows about vintage guitars. These are totally different from a regular guitar. You can deal with guitar repair of a fairly newer model with ease but vintage is totally different. These are special tools because they were made so differently from that of a modern model and it’s very true! That is why professional restorers are needed whether it’s to repair something or restore the guitar to its former glory. Specialist care is needed.

Minor Repairs Can’t Always Be Done At Home

Let’s be honest if you have a vintage guitar that just needs one or two minor repairs, you can be so easily tempted to do so at home. While you have the best intensions, it might not go according to plan. Whether you’re trying to save money or just believe you can handle those repairs, it could go terribly wrong and destroy a real vintage guitar. Modern guitar kits aren’t like vintage ones. Vintage is impossible to replace simply because they aren’t made like how they used to be. That is why most minor repairs need to be handled by a specialist.

Why Is Professional Guitar Repair So Vital?

As said above, the wood from older or vintage guitars are very hard to replace. Vintage isn’t just a fancy name, it’s something that is matured in age and almost impossible to replace. There is a reason why it’s vintage and when it comes to repairs, it needs to be handled in the correct manner. Professionals are able to deal with guitar repair easily with new and vintage models. That is something you need to remember.

Vintage Restoration Can Be Worth Every Second Spent

A lot of people think an old guitar should be thrown away but in reality it can be restored and should be treasured! You truly do not see a lot of vintage guitars anymore and not just ones from the nineties or eighties but ones as far back as the fifties and sixties. These were the decades that guitars were truly amazing. Restoring a guitar can be great and guitar repair is best done by a professional.Find more information here