Best Vehicles for Touring Bands

When four or five members of a band pile into a vehicle for a road tour, space becomes a premium. And, while it may be a bonding experience like no other for the band members, choosing the right vehicle for the tour can make all the difference between a smooth ride and a bumpy road ahead. Here are just a few vehicle types that might work best for the touring band. You can read more about specific makes and models of these vehicles online at

 The conversion van is a pretty rock and roll vehicle with plenty of room to breath for band members. Most models are designed for comfort on the road with amenities like sleeping accommodations, cooking abilities, entertainment features and more. It’s probably an ideal vehicle choice for a small, touring band with a limited transportation budget. The minivan might be an even cheaper alternative to the conversion van. Space will still be a big plus, though most minivans don’t come preloaded with the conveniences of a conversion van.

 Sport utility vehicles, depending on the make and model, can deliver on space and comfort in a big way. Large models like the Chevrolet Tahoe can comfortably fit five to seven passengers with a third row. This seating configuration takes up all storage space, so the band will have to tow some kind of trailer behind to handle luggage, gear and equipment. The Honda Element is a small SUV that offers a whole lot of storage. It could be an option for short runs out of town to play gigs.

 Until your band makes it big time with its own fleet of tour busses or airplanes, hitting the open road, crammed into a car, is probably reality. That much close proximity between band members can be a challenge. But, putting a little thought into the touring vehicle you choose can mean the difference between war and peace on the road.